Virtual Dedicated Hosting: A Cheap Solution for Your Online Business

There are persons who have problem with their websites, their websites load very slowly and they prefer to have a Virtual Dedicated Server because they want to handle increasing traffic on their websites. The other option is that they should invest heavy money in getting a dedicated server, but if they cannot afford an expensive dedicated server then virtual dedicated server is the best option for them.

Virtual dedicated hosting is bit different from shared hosting. It is a type of SEO hosting that host different websites of different clients on a single server. With the help of virtual private hosting server a single layer is divided into more layers that make it easy the sharing of bandwidth, Random Access Memory RAM and the available disk memory. It is not all but all the other hardware resources are also shared in virtual serve that is created inside a physical server.

The benefit of virtual private hosting is that every client will be able to benefit from the services that are provided by dedicated hosting servers. The basic and very important service is that you will be able to run applications that you want using your operating system. Moreover you can easily access the file system remotely.

The main benefit of a Virtual Private Hosting is that it is very secure and keeps your website from any kind of virus. Virtual private hosting server is designed in a way that if someone tries to hack your physical server then he will only be able to physical server and not any other virtual server available on it. The security and safety of your website is only possible when you will host your website on a secured server.

It will not be wrong if we use the term functional interface for Virtual private hosting between a dedicated hosting and shared hosting. You can avail the facilities of dedicated servers in very cheap and reasonable prices.

When clients feel that they will get secure services for their websites and they can control the server as much as they want, then they prefer to get Virtual Private Hosting rather than other dedicated hosting. With control over the server they can easily install any software over it and can easily host as much websites as they want to. It is very impressive that the clients can even reboot their servers without disturbing other websites available on the physical server which is further divided into several virtual servers.

Clients need to get more services and easy access to server for their website in reasonable prices then they will prefer to get virtual private hosting rather than spending huge money in getting dedicated server.

Now if you feel that you should shift your application to a dedicated server from shared server then you can do it in cheap prices. This is only possible if you host your website on VPS (Virtual Private Service), your purpose will be fulfilled and you will save your money as well.

There are number of service provider that are also offering virtual private service  at very low rates like $20 and you will be able to host your 5 C Class Ip’s on it. You will get your required memory and bandwidth for your each website. In this way most of the clients will prefer to get Virtual dedicated hosting service.

In virtual dedicated hosting service data for each client is kept with security and private. Even if the entire website will be available on same physical server but will be on different virtual dedicated serves.

It is the best service being provided if a web developer want to get experience on a dedicated server. With this they will be able to easily access server and install their own application they want to have.